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iPage Review

iPage Review

Ready for our iPage review? The first thing we need to know is, what is web hosting. So web hosting is the business of storage space and access for websites. In this era of technology, a business organization or anything for a matter of fact needs a website to function. It is as if, if you don’t have an online presence then you do not basically exist. For this, you need to buy storage space and also access to websites from certain, reliable web hosting companies; and one of them is iPage.

iPage was first founded in the year of 1998 for the sole purpose of web services, later in the year of 2009 they completely changed their look and became one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the world. It is currently owned by Endurance International group. They are also the owners of other web hosting companies such as BlueHost and HostGator. The other two companies are also as big as iPage. iPage is one of the most popular inexpensive web host company that offers shared, virtual and dedicated web plans. They currently have over one million websites in their two data centers which are in Boston, MA.

The iPage review will tell you that it offers a wide variety of things that can help you with your website. The thing about iPage is its simplicity in all of the things that they do. They come in with a very powerful website builder, you have a large variety of templates to choose from for your website, there are blogs including WordPress, and they also have an online store. They also provide security suite for your websites. The best thing is they provide the security round the clock. They can in business verification, they do malware scanning on your website, they also have a very highly secured and state of the art data centers, and they also do network scanning. iPage also provide marketing tools for your website to reach out to the people. You will get $100 Google Adwords offer, $100 of Bing credit, you will get a free listing in, and you are also provided with site analytics suite. One of the thing about iPage is that you get 24/7 help from the customer care service, you also get an online knowledge database, video tutorials, and online help if you require any and last but not the least you get a guarantee of 30-day money back. So whenever you want to pull out of their hosting service, you can.

You get unlimited disc space from iPage. A bandwidth which is scalable, you can have unlimited domains and unlimited MySQL databases as well. Though they say, they will give you give you unlimited hosting but it isn’t actually true. You should actually go through the terms conditions. Actually, no web hosting company does it, so there is no need to switch brand right away but this should not be an issue for many because they will give you a warning if you are using too many hosting.

The best thing about iPage is their simplicity. You will get to see all your pricings right there with nothing being hidden. Therefore it makes it easier for you to know what to get and for how much. All the other websites might make you a bit confused but iPage will not be something that puts you into trouble with choosing the right amount you want to pay.

iPage has this very good offer of having their service for 3 years with only their introductory price. This is a great offer that most web hosting companies do not have. They might charge you almost the same as the other offer the long term but for the initial 3 years just makes it easier for you to go by. The introductory price is very low and you will enjoy the valued price thoroughly. I know I did.

The best thing that you will know from this ipage review about iPage is that they will provide you will support 24/7 via phone, email, tickets, and chat.  The made their support system easy to use and very easy to find. You might get lost with the complicated functions of other companies but iPage trumps them with their simple and user-friendly approach. The service might be good but iPage has a good marketing strategy and that is they are valuing the price at which they are selling their service.

iPage offers 1st-year free domain registration and also unlimited email addresses. There are many companies who does not provide it. iPage has all of these things at a very teach price compared to a lot of companies. According to many web review sites, they rated iPage as one of the best in the market f web hosting. They are giving quality to the amount of money that is very low.

iPage has been functioning for over 10 years and for this, it is one of the most experienced and one of the best company to actually go to for your website. You will get a value for your hard earned money. This will help you to get all the features that other websites are having and also you are getting WordPress which is an upsell for me. You will also get your $100 worth of Google Adwords and also $100 of Bing credit to get your websites a good amount of boost.

It is said that no one web hosting company can be said that they are the best. It is basically what suits you. It has to be your personal opinion when you say that a particular web hosting company is the best. Same goes for iPage. It is good for the mass because of its simplicity and user-friendly approach but they still do have their flaws. Many people have complaints about IPage but that is something most people have with their web hosting service as well.

One of the problems that iPage users encounter is the slow loading times. Over 70 percent of the people said the page took too long to load. So for this iPage has a bad reputation but loading times depend on two things: plug-ins and traffic patterns. Though iPage offers ‘Dynamic Site Accelerator’ but you have to buy this from them so that your websites can have faster loading time. But this is one thing that most of the companies have so iPage cannot be solely said that they provide slower loading times.

The thing to remember about the pricing is that it might seem to be a bit lower than most of the hosting companies but the drawback of iPage is that it takes in annual payment. This is a huge drawback; not everyone has that much money to actually pay up one year up-front. Therefore this is a huge disadvantage for iPage.

You might cancel your service from iPage but they will cut off some amount of money as processing fee. You will get your money back guaranteed but it will be less than the thing that you paid. For example, if you cancel your service after 3 or 4 months, then you will get your money back of the remaining months but some money will be cut off from it as processing fee.

The security plans might look pretty lucrative on the outside but it actually isn’t. One of the main thing that any website owner wants is security for their website. They are always concerned about it. They always want a backup. This is not something iPage offers for the Launch plan they have. You have to upgrade in order to your backup plan or even higher set of security for your website. So this is a thing that you might want to consider when you are going for iPage. They do have amazing security plans though but the only thing is that it will cost you a bit more than the usual launch value.

A thing that can be considered a drawback for iPage is that they do not allow you to privately register a domain. This is something many of its competitors have. Sometimes, private registration poses some problems. If the contact information does not appear in the website’s WHOIS registration then you are no longer the owner of the website. Even if you go into legal battle, you cannot win because you are not the owner. This can be very dangerous but still many owners want their privacy to be protected but iPage does not offer that. So, if you are thinking of owning a private domain then maybe you should actually shift to some other brand as iPage may not offer it anytime soon.

A key problem about iPage is that they do say they will give you a 24/7 coverage from customer care but it takes a lot of time to reach them. Sometimes you might not get a mail as soon as you need it. It can take up to 20 minutes to reach them. They are not always available by phone or tickets or email. You might find them on live chat but that too will take time. For this reason, there were a lot of complaints against iPage from other users as well. It is also a normal complaint by other users of other brands but iPage is still trying their level best to give their best support to their customers.

iPage is mostly for the first time users and small businesses. Since this is a shared hosting, it is good enough for them to have a good experience out of it. Dedicated servers are not something iPage gives so if you want that then you should look for somewhere else but other than that iPage will give you a very solid experience with a very good price.

There are a lot of upsells in iPage. This is very irritating for a user. Basically all the offers more or less repetitive and you have to buy it for getting your websites more secured or make the loading time faster or etc. iPage has a lot of upsells that could have been included in their package but instead, they try to sell it to their customers. Most of the time at a discounted price. Some might be a bit interesting but most of them are just the same thing with different wordings.

The knowledge base and self-help support are not much of a help for iPage. They do not have a very helpful knowledge base compared to other companies. The people interacting in the comment and the customer staff going through it to update and give a short and easy answer to the questions is a good way to show that they maintain a good customer relationship. iPage does not do it. They have a pretty weak self-help support system. For this, you always have to go for the tickets and have to wait for some time to actually get some help from them

cPanel is something that is used in the backend of your website but iPage used vDeck. It might be okay but cPanel is so widely used that it might be a bit problematic to use vDeck. cPanel is much more user-friendly and it is very simple for anyone to use on the contrary vDeck is a bit of a challenge to use and it takes a time to get accustomed to. cPanel also has a self-help section which is pretty good that compared to vDeck.

So how was our ipage review? Did you actually benefit from this ipage review? All in all, iPage is something that is very well composed for someone who is new to this. You will be getting everything at a cheap rate. You might want to upgrade every now and then for the security issues but iPage is for small features and shared hosting. So keeping that in mind you can use iPage. But if you are into more security and also want a private domain then iPage might not be the one you are looking for. Remember one thing no web hosting company is the best. It is what suits you the best.