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Hostgator Review

Hostgator Review

Ready for our hostgator review? In the 21st century, when it comes to business – the first and foremost thing now-a-days is websites. Websites are used for selling products, business references etc and the the first thing we need to know about is web hosting. So, web hosting is the business of storage space and access for websites. In this time of vast technology, a business organization or anything for a matter of fact needs a website to function. It is as if, if you don’t have an online presence then you do not basically exist (even if that’s not entirely true, it helps your product to be accessible to a bigger market). So, on the internet there are different companies who web host but there are a few reliable ones and chances are if you do not get the right host, you might end up loosing a lot of money. So for this, you need to buy storage space and also access to websites from certain, reliable web hosting companies; and one of them is Hostgator. We will discuss about one of the largest names in the market and talk about the pros and cons of Hostgator as well as a few suggestions before choosing the right one for yourself and your business.

Hostgator review will tell you that this is a Houston based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and  web hosting with an additional presence in Austin, Texas. The website has been around the internet since 2002. It was originally founded by Brent Oxley but later got acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) who also own BluehostJusthostiPageFatcow, among others. Hostgator is the largest web host on the planet with hosting 9 million domain names.

So, the question might be that what exactly is so good about Hostgator that makes it so big? Was it the extreme marketing or fantastic customer support?

The first thing is the good customer service. They have a 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat and email. Some people do complain about the fact that they reply late to inquiries. They also have a forty five days money back guarantee. Most website hosts have a thirty day trial but Hostgator have two weeks more for you to test drive before you take one or three year term with them. They have a enhanced security and free migration. For example, if you already have an existing website, you can use their services for free. This is very good for people who are not satisfied with their existing services. It gives them a chance to amend their mistakes. It is very user friendly for beginners. There are many first timers who feel lost when it comes to website hosting. They have a minimum amount of money and they don’t know how to properly work with the website and domains are important when it comes to new business websites. Hostgator helps these newbies with a lot of tutorials and documents to help you at every step. The simple step-by-step walkthroughs are very helpful for beginners.

However, when it comes to pros, there are cons too. We tried to cover both in our hostgator review. The first thing on the list would be that they had terrible uptimes, recently they have been working on it and making it better. People have complained about it since the beginning but finally the times are rolling on the better side. Another big problem about this is that it’s not fast enough, just below average. At the age of technology, we are used to everything being fast, always there when demanded. So, when we don’t get the thing instantly, we complain. Everything has its drawbacks, of course but when it comes to website load time, this is very important and cannot be overlooked. This issue has been a main factor why a lot of people dislike the web host. There are other smaller web hosts with far better website loading time. Usually, when it comes to websites, we want more with less. The best with the least prices and this is where Hostgator is both good and bad at. The “true” backups cost a few backups. They advertise instant back ups which cost a lot (15ish dollar to be exact). The list goes on a little more when it comes to pricing. The standard pricing of these domains can actually set you back. The long term plans (1-3 years) cost less and the 12-month plans cost more shifting your monthly rate by 50% to 150% and that’s kind of a problem to loads of people.

Even knowing these cons of Hostgator from our hostgator review, it is worth the money. The website has a couple of cool things that you might want to look at before thinking otherwise –

Shared Hosting: They have three nice plans in this category. Good for the beginners and who just want a nice start up.

  • Hatchling plan: The plan starts at $3.95 per month. It supports 1 domain name, unlimited disk space and storage and unlimited subdomains. A great deal for the new future billionaires.
  • Baby plan: Don’t be fooled by the name. This amazing plan starts at $5.95 per month and supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain names.
  • Business plan: The plan starts at $5.95 per month. It supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain names. It comes with a free dedicated IP, SSL and toll-free number. The best deal here.

Cloud Hosting: If you want something different but worth it, you should check this out before deciding.

  • Hatchling Cloud plan: This particular plan starts at $5.95 per month. The specifications are 2 Cores, 2GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and support for 1 domain name.
  • Baby Cloud plan: This one starts at $6.95 per month and the specifications are 4 Cores, 4GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and support for unlimited domain names.
  • Business Cloud plan: Another great one, if you want to spend a little more for a better offer. The plan starts at $10.95 per month. Specifications: 6 Cores, 6GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and support for unlimited domain names.

These above mentioned plans are great for professionals and beginners. No wonder the web host has so many people buying their services. The good thing about this is that it’s easy sign up. You do not have to do anything crazy to be a part of the family but definitely need to have PayPal or credit card to pay for the services. This could be problem for countries who do not support PayPal yet. They make it easy to install popular apps in the website and doesn’t make it complicated. There are hidden costs if you do not ask the customer support properly. You can ask them about the costs and loads of other things and of course you have the guidance of free tutorials and walkthroughs to help you.

There would be a lot of different people either recommending you to use Hostgator or discouraging you to use it. There are fair reasons to both of them.

The ones who’d discourage you would say that there are better deals out there and that Hostgator is an average site even being one of the biggest names in the market. The slow loading, unproductive bots and many more complains would come by but then there are the ones who’d recommend you. These are the people who actually understood the whole thing and gave some time in learning the process. As more time passes, everything becomes much more advanced and so it really does become hard to keep up with this now. But to be very honest, you have to find and select the best one for you. No web host is perfect, all of them have flaws and their drawbacks but if Hostgator is for you, it is recommended to be used at least once. As they offer a trial for forty five days, there shouldn’t be a problem in trying it before purchasing any plan. It would be a mistake to give an opinion without having any idea about the services and its features.

All in all, Hostgator is something that is very well composed and maintained for someone who is new to this. You will be getting everything at a cheap rate. You might want to upgrade every now and then for the security issues and maybe talk to the customer support when needed. It is recommended to beginners and even to the pros because remember it depends on what you’re looking for and what’s best suited for you. There would be times when you might not like the services that you’re using and that’s when you know that you have to switch. But, please, do try before passing any judgments for others to follow.

However, one suggesting must be given before you choose Hostgator as your preferable host. If you are looking for something that does not have any extra charges for good services, this might not be the one for you. Many people have had complains about the charges by the company. This has been a major concern for a lot and they followed reviews of other blindly. The best way to avoid loosing money in something you don’t want to is to talk to the people directly. Please be clear about what you’re spending on and how you have decided to spend it throughout your term. It is better to know and have a budget rather than suddenly confronting a low bank balance. So, check with the customer support about the monetary issue.

Second suggestion would be that if you don’t have time to wait for updates, this one’s not for you. There are loads of updates for fixing bugs and the web page late loading problem. If you do not like that, please avoid and find an alternate host.

Third suggestion would be the one regarding emails and advertisements. Web hosts like this are usually very good at sending emails for letting you know about different new features and updates. Honestly, there’s nothing you can actually do about it. It’s recommended not to spam the emails but to actually take the time to read it sometimes. Understanding the struggle people go through with reading emails, it might be a good option to read the important ones rather than the ones that have no importance.

The last suggestion is based on what you like. This is the most important suggestion, actually. Before you go for buying a domain, make a plan for what you want, for how long you want it, how much you want to spend on this, what are the features that you would like to have and what are the things you want to avoid. Research a little bit before you sign up to any website hosts. You will find loads of information on choosing the perfect one for you. You obviously do not have to follow every word but then this gives you a clearer idea of what you’re about to see. The advertisements of different web hosts might as well overwhelm you and so to avoid the confusion, the research is needed. Once you’re done studying and know about what you want, that’s when you start the hunt. Check the web host properly, there are many fake ones out there so be careful. If your choice is Hostgator, see and understand if you really want to go through this. This is a long commitment and unlike Hostgator, not many website hosts give the opportunity to use free migration. If you’re already a pro and know about what you want, your way of finding the right one is already easier. Just make sure that the whole thing does not get any more expensive than it is. That’s why, budgeting is very important.

So, how was this hostgator review? Did you like it? Finally, a few parting words would be to wish you luck in finding the right one for you. This decision is no less than a life and death situation because your business (in the 21st century) and its existence literally depends on the website you use. Consumers would judge you basing on the type of website you have and the types of features your website possess. So, hopefully, you will find the one you need.