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BlueHost Review

BlueHost Review


Bluehost is a massive professional outfit, they supply hosting for a huge 675,000 domain names, with all these customers willing to rely on them they really must be doing something right. It seems they are doing lots right, with brilliant technical support and low costs, they also have the smooth running and extra features that you would expect of such a large and experienced operation. They have been around since 1996 so they certainly have staying power.


These guys don’t mess around with hundreds of packages and deals, they have been in this game long enough to know exactly what customers want in a hosting service and they have the ultimate package to deliver it to them. Small, medium and personal websites are well catered for. They have a free domain for life and a free domain privacy registration as well as a 24 hour toll free help line. And the best part about the help line is the fact that it boasts an average two-minute waiting time. You don’t see that much these days and it is a real frustration buster. Bluehost also lets you host unlimited domains and actually has too many extra features to list here, some of the most notable are Flash support, web auction software, message forums and live chat. Once you count into the deal that for a short period Bluehost are willing to throw in a free web sites submission and $50 dollars free advertising credits with Google and Yahoo Search Marketing you start to get an idea of what good value this host actually is.

Customer Service:

With a less than two-minute average waiting time on their twenty four hour help line it is easy to see how highly this company values good customer support. Their staff are friendly and patient and are always willing to help you deal with any problem in a step by step fashion. You have a variety of ways to contact them if the phone does not suit you, email is dealt with quickly and efficiently and there is also 24-hour support chat online. Customer message forums give a fantastic way to keep in touch with people who are dealing with the same issues as you are.

Ratings Chart:










Overall Hosting Score: 96%

Control Panel:

Bluehost choose to use the Cpanel control interface simply because it is one of the best out there. It has everything you could need as a webmaster and still manages to be user-friendly for the less technical minded.Some of the great elements of this control system include being able to configure e-mail accounts, perform script implementation and deal with database administration management. Website statistics are also easily monitored.

What sets them apart:

Affordable, Reliable Web Hosting Solutions. – Bluehost

They are an all rounder that any small business will be thrilled with.

With Bluehost you can depend on:

Quality equipment

Maximum guaranteed uptime

Highest customer service

Tools for administration that are easy to use

Secure and reliable backups

Honesty and integrity at all times


Bluehost made the number 4 spot because it is one of the best hosting services on the market today. Between their amazing affordability and huge array of features it is hard to see where you could go wrong with this supplier. You should definitely check them out today.

Blue Host is a solid web host performer. I am very pleased with their service and uptime. They are super reliable and my website depends on blue host to keep it running all the time. With all my experience in trying different hosting providers, blue host is the number one.

Good Host for a single domain or two but be aware if you want to use more

Having used hosting plans of various providers Bluehost was and is a good and solid platform to use.

With Cpanel and scripts etc you can set many websites.

But unlimmited domains has a side effect.

I was helping out a lot of Non profit projects and every two months a new domain and project was added. Reaching a 15 -20 domains I suddenly was noticed to remove half of the files I had stored for these websites ( not high consumers!)

Within 2 weeks I had to move them or reduce the amount of files. Although stated unlimitted storage it does not mean. unlimited files!

A lot of work and extra cost to move more then half of the domains and CMS websites into new accounts!

It would be nice to have known before.

But overall it is a solid and good hosting for a single or few domains

Definitely would recommend them

I’ve used a number of hosting companies in the past and BlueHost has been by far the least hassle. I’ve now stuck with them for over 2 years and host all my client’s sites with them too. Their tech support is knowledgeable. They have suffered from a few outages over the couple of years I’ve been with them, but they are never for long and they always send an email to let you know what happened, unlike a lot of places which just claim nothing was wrong. I would definately recommend them to anyone, and do to all my customers.

Incredibly Helpful

Bluehost was incredibly helpful in helping me get my account set up and running. I had dealt with various other host who made me feel dumb for asking questions and then didn’t even answer my question. After having my fears abated by the sales department I was pleased to find the technical support was just as nice, they were very helpful and I never felt degraded in dealing with them. Bluehost customer support is very friendly and reliable, they solve issues almost immediately.